JTA-22 Studio Reverb


l       A 22W class AB guitar amplifier

l       All-tube design with point-to-point vintage circuitry. The hand-wired circuitry resonates with a warm vintage tone. This amp uses Ruby tubes.

l       Double channels, designed with independent volume levels.

l       Preamp: four 12AX7 tubes; Poweramp: a pair of 6V6GTs; Power supply stage: one 5AR4 tube

l       You'll love this amp if you're picky about your reverb! While other brands are dumbed-down their reverbs in order to reduced cost, we maintain the highest quality. We get real Spring Reverb sound by taking the tubes through a reverb drive transformer powered by the US-made Accutronics reverb tank.

l       Likewise, our vibrato is second to none, utilizing high-class tubes and a classic optoelectronic coupler to get that beloved, sought-after vibrato effect.

l       We use the Jensen C12K to guarantee a subtle treble tone, aggressive mids, and a tight bass.

l       Dimensions: 62.5x25.1x44cm

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