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JOJO is a Professional Guitarist, Composer/Arranger, Music Producer, Music Director, Master Class Teacher, Guitars & Pedals Demonstrator 


For more than 20 years as a musician, Jojo has developed his own sound and approach to music.


He is considered by many as a drummer's guitar player because of his groove-oriented style of playing and musical compositions.


His chord arrangements, choice of notes, rhythmic patterns, and unique ideas have inspired many musicians not only in the Philippines but also in China.


Jojo's music and playing abilities have a profound balance of creativity musicality and technicality.


His stage presence commands your attention and musicians gather to watch him every time he plays especially in Music China (Shanghai).


A truly world-class artist. 



9Beats Modern Music Education (Artist) 


JOYO Audio (Artist)


Leeky Guitars (Artist)


Enjoy Playing Guitar Club (Music Consultant) 


Gervana Hand Made Pedals (Artist) 


Michael Alba Clinic Project  (Guitar Instructor) 2013-2014 


Malasimbo International Music & Arts Festival 2013-2015 (Performer) 


Bass Dalian 2016 (Performer) 


Bass China 2019 (Performer)



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