Rex Carroll

Rex Carroll

2019-08-05 11:56

Considered by many people as one of the most extroadrinary rock guitarists in the world, Rex Carroll is an American born and bred musician who hails from the Chicago area. Like all great guitarists, Rex draws from a wide range of influences. From the earliest of American blues, Elmore James and Sister Rosetta Sharpe, through the rock and roll of the 50’s and 60’s, to the British Invasion. Everything from Little Richard to Jimi Hendrix. Coming of age in the 80’s, all the bands and guitar heroes of that era were also an influence.

Finally, Rex was discovered by the great talent scout Jim Delehant, who ran the A&R department at Atlantic Records for many years. Jim signed Rex to his first record deal for the label, and it’s been non-stop ever since.

Rex is known for several reasons- the bands he has put together (Fierce Heart, Whitecross, King James, Rex Carroll Band and several others), the melodic hard rock songs on the albums, his blistering classically influenced guitar solos, and the live concert tours. Performing in the USA, Europe, and South America have helped to mold his vision as well. Of late he has not only played the guitar on the albums, but has also been producing as well! Primarily for his own projects, but occasionally for other artists as well.

Growing up in the blues-inspired 60’s and 70’s, Rex is a bit of a hybrid on the guitar. He’s able to draw inspiration from the more modern technical/shredding style of the 2000’s, but always comes back to a heavy blues influence. Classically trained on the violin, he went on to earn a degree in classical guitar studies. The melodic sensibility gained in the classical realm perfectly counter-balances the blues licks learned from Albert King and Johnny Winter.

This is what enables him to connect to a broad fan base, and lead Guitar Player Magazine to call out the “masterful solos…packed with authority” while Guitar For The Practicing Musician hailed “the birth of a guitar hero.”

Artist Statement: When I was young, they passed out the instruments in school. The violin in my hands, just “felt right”. Later on, I picked up a guitar, and there was no turning back. I realized I could say the things I was feeling far better through music, than with just words alone. My desire is to express the things that can’t be said with words; and I want to make the world a better place with music. I am so very grateful for the God-given ability to play music, and I’m equally grateful for the support of so many fans over the years who have bought the albums and come out to the shows.

Rex Carroll Show History Sample

Cornerstone Festival / Bushnell, IL / 16,000 att.

Scandinavium / Goteberg, Sweden / 14,000 att.

Summerfest / Milwaukee, WI / 2,000 att.

Tomahawk Fall Colors Ride / Tomahawk, WI / 15,000 att.

Stuttgart Rock Club / Germany / 1200 att.

(overflow SRO) Creation Festival / Pennsylvania / 20,000 att.

Rio de Janiero Festival / Brazil / 55,000 att.

Rex Carroll Quotes Sample

“This is non-stop Hard Rock of the highest calibre filled with awesome guitar leads from Rex Carroll... -Damn this guy knows how to handle his guitar... PERIOD!” - Powermetal.dk

“If shredders like George Lynch, Warren DeMartini, Vivian Campbell, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and a host of others gets your head bobbing and feet tapping than again Rex Carroll and company are a band that you need to hear.” - SleazeRoxx.com

“Those of you who have followed Whitecross over the years know that the group possesses a world class guitarist in Rex Carroll.” - Andrew Rockwell/AngelicWarlord

“I was absolutely blown away by this guys work, there are NO bad tracks on this album. Rocky, Bluesy and without doubt one of the best things Iʼve had in this year and this is sure gonna be a tough album to better. ʻMy Trainʼ is an AWESOME track.” - Overloaded Radio/Wales UK

“Four ʻshort piecesʼ of instrumentals, master Rex Carroll in for the kill...SUPERB guitar shreds do an assault on your ears. FANTASTIC!” - Metaltoinfinity.com

“All Killers and no fillers” - Paul Chesworth/Room13.com

“Carrollʼs masterful guitar solos are brief, but packed with authority.” - Guitar Player Magazine/June 1985

“The birth of a guitar hero” - Guitar For The Practicing Musician/June 1985

Awards: Two times recipient of the DOVE AWARD for Metal Album of the Year for the band Whitecross Third place finish in the 2004 North American Rock Guitar Competition, an international event sponsored by Guitar Player magazine

Rex Carroll

Rex Carroll

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